Outreach/Inreach Ministries

Greeters Ministry

  • Leader: Sandra Stewart
  • Purpose: To "meet and greet" all people who come to Friendly Temple with love and kindness and to ensure they feel a warm and genuine welcome upon their arrival for worship
  • Meeting Days and Times: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00P.M.

Convalescent Home Ministry

  • Leader: Marvin Burrell
  • Purpose: To provide supportive and Christian love to those individuals presently in local nursing facilities through the ministry of prayer, song, and the provision of various gifts to those in need.
  • Meeting Days and Times: TBA

Usher Board

  • Leader: Patsy Ross
  • Purpose: To meet the people at the door with a smile and reassure them that they are in the Lord's house. Also to make sure they are properly seated while providing assistance, direction and information during services.
  • Meeting Days and Times: Every 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00P.M.

Prayer Room/Evangelism Ministry

  • Leader: Darryl Douchand
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Prayer Room Ministry is to serve the needs of its members and visitors. The Prayer Room Ministry oversees prayer opportunities at the church at various services and endeavors to help individuals develop spiritually through prayer. It is the goal of this ministry to help individuals to fully understand the plan of salvation and receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit first through the avenue of prayer, to receive miracles of divine healing and deliverance.