Our History

Our church history started in 1919 with the building of our first church. The name was Calvary Church of God in Christ and shortly after was changed to Victorville Church of God in Christ. It was founded by Lucille Lucy Thompson, a housekeeper at the big club house at Victor Cement Company. She and her husband George were employed there. Her boss, Mr. Leonard, who was the founder of the Cement Company, learned of her desire to have a place to worship, so he purchased and donated the property which the church was built upon. It consisted of one large room and a small vestaview. The first pastor known was the late Elder J.C. Blake of Riverside, California, in the early thirties. Numerous pastors followed him, with Elder Henry R. Spearman being the latest and longest of 26 years. All pastors traveled from the San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles areas.

After years passed and under the pastoral ship of the late Elder H. R. Spearman and Elder Leon Edwards (Assistant Pastor), came the vision for a new church which would be the second church (It was built on the lot where our current parking lot now resides and has since been demolished). The building fund at that time consisted of $5.503.00. Mr. Milt Sarrett was the head contractor for that project. The building was started in March 1969 and completed in September 1969. The congregation, which consisted of about 35 to 50 members, was so elated to have such a place to worship.

In early 1987, Elder Roger Thomas (who was in the military and stationed at George AFB at the time) and family came to join us. In 1988, Elder Spearman appointed him the Assistant Pastor. He performed in that capacity diligently. Following Elder Spearman's illness and retirement, Bishop Charles E. Blake (Presiding Bishop- Churches of God in Christ, Internationally) appointed him Pastor in January 1989.

Through Pastor Thomas' leadership, the church grew through leaps and bounds. Due to the growth in attendance, the church had to incorporate and eight o?clock worship service to adequately accommodate the people of God. In 1990, God gave Pastor Thomas a vision to renovate our church on the inside and give it a face-lift on the outside. With the help of our Lord and his faithful and loyal followers, we were able to raise enough money to rebuild our pulpit and choir loft, install new carpeting in the sanctuary and re-partition the fellowship hall. The church was also blessed to purchase new pulpit furniture the same year.

As time passed, and as the Lord continued to pour out his blessings and add to the church, yet another vision was revealed to our leader to build another edifice. Through much thought, discussion, planning, etc., it was finally started. In April 1999, the city of Victorville approved our plans to build. Testing soil, moving electric poles and various other projects started. On November 27, 1999, four bibles were planted in the foundation of this edifice based on 1 Timothy 3:15- "but if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou ought to behave thyself; in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of truth". Through our many trials during this project, we praised God! On the latter part of April 2001, we received our modified conditional use permit from the city allowing us to move in this edifice. Also during this period, another step taken after following the leading of the Lord through our pastor, was the name change of our church- which was official on October 15, 2001. The name was changed from Victorville Church of God in Christ to Friendly Temple Church of God in Church. The inspiration for Friendly Temple came about because we felt as a church this name would represent and motivate us into becoming the people the Lord would have us to be. We feel strongly that through Love, Kindness and Friendliness, many people who do not know the Lord would be drawn to him through the warm and friendly attitudes of the saints here at Friendly Temple Church of God in Christ.

In April 2002, we started Phase II of our building project with the demolition of the old church building, which allowed the additional space needed for the construction of our parking lot. During the period, there were some trials, but through it all God allowed us to complete the beautiful parking lot we have today and soon after, the installation of a beautiful gated iron fence.

We praise God for our great leader, Bishop Roger Thomas. He had to have stayed before the Lord constantly to have survived some of the obstacles he encountered. Friendly Temple Church of God in Christ is located in the desert. We are known as a waiting station for God?s future leaders to receive direction from God. God has called Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Evangelists, Teachers and many others to go out and spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the training they have received from our church across the tracks. To God Be All The Glory!